Jonas V - Musician
Jonas V – Musician
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I give lessons and workshops, turned around creating music in intuitive ways. These can be for anyone. No need to be a singer or musician. For seasoned musicians, this can be a fresh new approach to music and singing. Contact me if you're interested in learning with me, or if you have a space and would like to hire me for a workshop somewhere.

Free Songs

Music be good, music be sharing! In this section we will give you some music you can download for free. Right now we’re having fun playing music and recording, but you can already check out our music videos and covers on the NomadApe YouTube channel.

Click here to download the musical meditation session we recorded, with harp, didgeridoo, quena flute, gong, and handpan.


And click here to download my little ukulele songs. I recorded them to use in my YouTube videos.

note: You’re free to use them in your own videos if you want, but if you do please just put a link to this website in the description and say the song comes from here.

♪ d(-◡-)b ♪

Learn Music

Here is some material you can download for free to help you learn and play music. The chord chart gives you all the main chords which fit together nicely, on ukulele, guitalele, guitar, or other instruments. It can help you find the chords to a song you hear, or explore sounds to create your own songs! (more info in the full printable version) Chord Chart - printable card Most of you are spread out everywhere in the world, but if you live in Switzerland, or if you come by, you can contact me if you want to do lessons: Ukulele, Guitalele, Didgeridoo, Percussion and Djembe ♪ d(-◡-)b ♪ Here are a few songs on the ukulele, with chords so you can learn them:


$ Cash $

A project like this takes a lot of time, and equipment for the music and for the animation film. You can help us by donating here.

(even a few $/€/CHF can help!)

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If you want to be notified when we post new music and videos to YouTube, you can simply subscribe to the NomadApe YouTube channel (it’s free ^^). You can also press on “Like” under the videos.


Yes this is also a great way you can help us! You can submit some art inspired by the characters, by the dream world, or using the NomadApe logo, and submit it to our shared gallery on Facebook. If you don’t use Facebook you can post it here or send it to us by email. We’ll be happy to see your creations!

Oh and if you want to send us art or handmade objects or anything else, here’s the address: Jonas Viatte, Chemin des Perce-Neige 4, 1264 St-Cergue, Switzerland

About me
I am a musician living in the Swiss mountains. I have always loved approaching music as an intuitive art. After having spent years learning instruments like the piano, guitar, ukulele, Taiko, Djembe, Didgeridoo... I came to the conclusion that what I enjoyed most was using the instruments I was born with: The voice, and the body. Through singing, beatbox, and body percussion, I feel we get a very direct connection to our creativity. I enjoy the idea that even our most distant ancestors had access to these "instruments", and may have done just what we are doing now.
Before the pandemic, I was organizing and conducting CircleSongs, where I get groups of people, musician or not, to create music together in different ways, using their voice and bodies. The pandemic changed some things of course, and I put CircleSongs on hold. I'm now working on a portable loop station system with which people can keep creating music in the most intuitive way possible, using a simple smartphone. Creativity always finds a way!
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♪ d(-◡-)b ♪